Morocco goes all out on renewables

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On Earth Day, 22 April 2016, Morocco made a commitment to the planet by signing the Paris Agreement. This historic agreement, which was adopted at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) and signed by 175 countries (187 as of today), aims to fight global warming and its impact on climate change. Since then, Morocco […]


Fonroche Connect : Remote monitoring of off-grid streetlights

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Built-in connectivity Fonroche Lighting’s R&D teams have developed a remote connectivity tool specially tailored to our solar streetlights called Fonroche Connect. This app uses LoRaTM low-data-rate wireless technology for remote, real-time management and monitoring of streetlights. It lets you monitor and troubleshoot your network of individually geolocated streetlights to ensure perfectly controlled, uninterrupted lighting throughout […]


Switzerland takes solar lighting to new heights

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With its high peaks, sheer valleys and snow-covered ski slopes, Switzerland has a growing need for off-grid public lighting. Solar Advance, Fonroche Lighting’s exclusive partner in Switzerland, is meeting this burgeoning demand by installing solar streetlights. The company also offers an innovative solution for improving safety and security while retaining flexibility of layout with a […]


Watt Are You Doing: Focus on Our Design Office

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What does a design office actually do? To shed some light, we talked to those clever people at the Fonroche Lighting Design Office. Here they are on video: Explain, advise, innovate What the Design Office does a. Project design As you’ll have guessed, the experts at our Design Office assess the feasibility of your project. […]


Solar lighting impresses in East Africa

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A year ago, Fonroche Lighting set up a new subsidiary in Africa. After Senegal on the continent’s west coast, we now have a second base of operations in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. In both locations, the objective is the same — help us be more responsive and forge better, closer relations with customers and prospects […]


Fonroche Lighting lab: ready, test, go!

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Things are heating up in the lab! Here, Fonroche Lighting tests all the components of its solar streetlights before approving them for production. To get a clearer picture of how the lab works, we talked to Justine, our prototyping and model shop expert. The lab: from testing to production Fonroche Lighting has long-standing expertise in solar […]


World Blog Day

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Join us today, Saturday 31st August, as we celebrate World Blog Day by turning the spotlight on our own corporate ‘weblog’. Launched just two years ago, the Fonroche ‘blog of solar lighting’ brings you new content every week, with posts on latest contract wins, project successes, tips for project owners, events, team profiles and more. […]


Trade events | Taking the solar lighting message to the world!

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Fonroche Lighting has a busy few months ahead, with a host of opportunities to promote our solar public lighting solutions. After African Utility Week, Africallia and InterLumi earlier in the year, we’ll again be lighting the way ahead at a series of trade events. We are looking forward to seeing you there! 😊 International exhibitions […]


Senegal: Fonroche team ready for action

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At Fonroche, we’re keen to establish a local presence close to our lighting projects. After our recent interview with Ken in Kenya (no pun intended…), we’d like to tell you about our new subsidiary in Senegal. It was set up in June 2018 to deliver Fonroche’s largest-ever solar public lighting project, with installation of 50,000 […]