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What applications can solar lighting be used for?

Ingenious, eco-friendly, powerful and cost-effective – solar lighting offers many advantages. But is it suitable for all urban and rural environments and infrastructure?
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How to recycle solar street lighting?

Solar street lighting is an eco-friendly alternative that enhances safety and security with a reduced carbon footprint.
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Five reasons to choose solar public lighting

You may have noticed in your local residential area, or while driving to work or parking at the supermarket — solar
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Green, clean and renewable energy – What does it all mean?

Renewables are the cornerstone of the energy transition.
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Cameroon: Fonroche delivers training in streetlight installation

In Bertoua, capital of Cameroon’s eastern region, 460 Fonroche solar streetlights were recently installed to improve living standards for local peo
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Fonroche Lighting America: what's new ?

Since 2019, Fonroche Lighting has been rolling out its Smartlight solar streetlights in the United States through
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Morocco goes all out on renewables

On Earth Day, 22 April 2016, Morocco made a commitment to the planet by signing the Paris Agreement.
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Lighting the Trans-Sahara Highway

Solar energy is gaining ground in Central Africa, especially in Chad, which benefits from high levels of sunlight (4-6 kilowatt-hours per square me
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Solar public lighting – an obvious choice for sun-drenched Corsica

Soaring mountain ranges, unspoilt sandy beaches, dense pine forests and picturesque coastal villages...

Benin illuminated in solar energy by Fonroche Lighting

In 2019, Fonroche Lighting
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Lidl supermarket chain opts for solar lighting

Grocery retailer Lidl chooses Fonroche Lighting for its new stores
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Fonroche Connect : Remote monitoring of off-grid streetlights

Built-in connectivity
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Switzerland takes solar lighting to new heights

With its high peaks, sheer valleys and snow-covered ski slopes, Switzerland has a growing need for off-grid public lighting.
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The new face of Senegal: a local perspective

50,000. That’s how many off-grid public streetlights will be installed
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The American Dream: Fonroche Lighting in the USA

In September 2019, Fonroche Lighting announced the acquisition of
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Road infrastructure: 5 reasons to choose sustainable lighting

Globalization is the primary driver of economic development and growth. In Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, cities are
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Watt Are You Doing: Focus on Our Design Office

What does a design office actually do? To shed some light, we talked to those clever people at the Fonroche Lighting Design Office.
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Quick tour of New Caledonia: renewables have a bright future

New Caledonia is a French territory in the Pacific about 1,210 km (750 mi) east of Australia.
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Solar lighting is lower cost than traditional lighting

Public lighting, mostly powered by the grid, accounts for over half of public authority spending.
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Solar lighting: a fast growing market

Delivering lighting solutions, that’s good. Delivering environmentally responsible and sustainable