Lighting up both cities and people

With a strong international presence on all five continents, Fonroche Lighting supports companies, cities, and countries alike in the deployment of sustainable, powerful and competitive public lighting systems. 

Our technology can be adapted to any climate: from a lit road in Kuwait to a residential area in Quebec, the system developed by Fonroche Lighting can withstand extremes of temperature.

Directeur fonroche

Laurent Lubrano

CEO Fonroche Lighting

"For more than 12 years now, Fonroche Lighting has been working to develop the most powerful and reliable solar street light on the market and then make it available to all countries. While it took nearly two centuries to develop wired street lighting, it will have taken barely two decades for us to use and deploy solar street lighting on a country-wide and indeed a continent-wide scale."


Solar lighting: Rapid deployment

The strength of Fonroche's solar street lighting is its speed of deployment: the ease of installation (a simple concrete block) and the speed (in less than 2 hours) mean that cities and countries can be lit up in record time!

Fonroche Lighting has lit up no less than one third of Senegal in less than 18 months. With conventional lighting, this process would have taken several years.


The street light that withstands the most extreme temperatures

Suisse neige montagne éclairage

The solar lighting technology designed by Fonroche Lighting is the only one to guarantee lighting on every single night of the year. 

It can be adapted to any climate: from a lit road in Kuwait to a residential area in Quebec.

The system developed by our R&D department can withstand even the most extreme temperatures.

Economic and societal impacts

Fonroche Lighting has installed several thousand solar street lights around the world, changing the lives of over 14 million people. Solar street lamps are independent of the grid and work even if the electricity supply is interrupted.


To offer every person, wherever he or she may be, the possibility of access to light.

  • Continuation of night-time activities in the area (street vendors or other businesses).

  • Increased income for traders.

  • Better living standards for families.

  • Better inclusion of disadvantaged communities without access to outdoor lighting (far from the electricity grid).

  • Continuation of social and family activities after dark: schoolchildren, students etc.

  • Promotion of meetings and festive events to strengthen social ties between communities.

  • Involvement of local people in the project, through subcontracting.

  • Considerably less risk of theft or vandalism of goods.

  • Greater sense of security.

  • Less crime and traffic accidents (for vehicles and pedestrians alike).

Fonroche Lighting worldwide