More sustainable roads thanks to solar street lighting

The transition to sustainable technologies is at the heart of today's concerns, and solar lighting is emerging as an innovative and environmentally-friendly solution. All over the world, cities are developing and innovating to offer more modern, sustainable and eco-responsible infrastructures. To support these transformations, new communication routes need to be built using modern, safe and viable road infrastructure that meets new environmental and economic expectations.


Driving with complete peace of mind: comfort and safety are the order of the day

When driving, lack of light can make driving difficult. Insufficient visibility leads to fatigue and a lack of vigilance by limiting the driver's field of vision. At night, the lack of light is a major risk factor. Because night vision is limited, obstacles are difficult to see. The installation of roadside lighting is therefore essential for safe driving. In fact, street lighting can reduce pedestrian accidents by around 50%*.

Solar-powered LED streetlights are self-sufficient, providing reliable, high-performance lighting 365 nights a year. Because they are independent of the electricity grid, they are not threatened by power cuts, ensuring road safety at all times and improving the quality of life of road users.

*Source : Les avantages de l'éclairage public

Economical and environmentally-friendly: solar street lighting combines the two

In France, electricity generation and road transport are the activities that contribute most to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Solar street lighting, powered by the sun's renewable energy, helps limit CO2 emissions from road infrastructure. Installing solar streetlights reduces the environmental impact of building and maintaining underground electricity networks. As trenching and cabling work are reduced, they minimise the disruption to local ecosystems, the destruction of biodiversity and the consumption of non-renewable materials, thereby helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But the benefits of solar lighting don't stop there! The fact that no major civil engineering work is required during installation means that site times and downtime for installation teams are reduced. Where it would have taken several weeks with wired systems, it takes just a few days with solar! This saves a lot of time and money, enabling roadworks to be completed quickly.


Intelligence and connectivity for roads 

Technological advances are increasing the efficiency and lifespan of solar lighting systems, making them more reliable and efficient. Urban lighting is now intelligent and connected.

Equipped with sensors and communication systems, it is possible to adapt their brightness according to ambient conditions and the environment to optimise energy consumption. These streetlights can be monitored and controlled remotely, facilitating proactive management of maintenance and performance while reducing the risk of vandalism. By incorporating features such as presence detection, programmable lighting schedules and connectivity, the roads can be easily adapted to the way motorists use them.


Solar street lighting: a high-performance solution for all roads

Autonomous solar streetlights are designed to meet the needs of every project, whatever the environment. Roads, motorways, country roads, housing estates... they adapt to all road infrastructures, contributing to the growth and sustainable development of urban and rural areas. Solar street lighting is now the standard for a modern smart city.


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