Read about the milestones of Fonroche Lighting, from its creation in 2011 to the present day. From the first installed solar street light to the world's largest solar lighting market and the construction of our new headquarters in South-West France. 

Preview Locaux Fonroche

The creation of Fonroche Lighting

  • The First prototype of a solar street light is released
Preview Parking à Puymirol France

First installations in France

Installation of our first solar lighting projects in France :

  • a municipal building and a parking lot in the South-West - Lot-et-Garonne
Preview Test time 01
Preview Test time 01

Business development in France

  • Multiplication of applications (first roads, roundabouts, housing developments, industrial sites, etc.)
  • First international orders for streetlights.
Preview noor maroc

Opening up to international markets

Illumination of : 

  • Kuwait City Airport

  • The world's largest solar power plant in Morocco

  • Roads in Karachi, Pakistan 

But also :

  • Creation of the Smartlight range of streetlights
Preview Leclerc Carcassonne

The first hypermarket car park in France to be fully lit by solar energy

And also : 

  • Fonroche wins the UGAP contract

  • Fonroche lights the COP22 car parks in Marrakesh

  • Extended Smartlight range: double lights, back lights, wooden pole, customization, etc.

Preview eclairage piste ski

Development of our own POWER 365 battery system

which guarantees 365 nights of lighting per year.

But also :

  • Lighting of the AIBD airport in Dakar Senegal
  • installation in Switzerland, on the cross-country ski runs in Evolène
Preview Sénégal laurent lubrano yann maus emmanuel macron

Fonroche Lighting wins the tender to supply 50,000 solar street lights in Senegal.

International :

  • Lighting for one of the largest viaducts in Latin America, in Colombia
  • In the USA, lighting of an Indian reservation in North Dakota

In France:

  • Lighting of a highway interchange in Calais, in the North of France

But also :

  • Creation of our monitoring tool Fonroche Connect
Preview Benin éclairage

Acquisition of US-based SolarOne and creation of Fonroche Lighting America

But also :

  • Opening of 4 new international subsidiaries
  • Fonroche Lighting wins contract for 15,000 streetlights in Benin
  • Opening of a second solar streetlight production line in Agen (47)
Preview filiale amerique latine ouverture

Creation of a new subsidiary in Latin America

And also : 

  • Renewal of the UGAP market for public procurement in France

  • Staff numbers doubled at Fonroche

  • Commitment to commercial development in Europe

Preview Sénégal route

Fonroche Lighting wins a new contract for 67,000 street lights in Senegal

But also :

  • Strong development of the supermarket market in France with 2 new stores equipped every week
Preview montayral projet

8,000 communities equipped with solar energy in France and around the world

But also :

  • At the Paris Mayors' Conference, Fonroche presents three new luminaire designs and launches its diagnostic tool for cities.
Preview Eclairage public solaire ADP
Preview NoWatt Lighting

Fonroche wins ADP Group's tender to provide lighting for Paris airports (Orly, CDG, Le Bourget)

And also :

  • Acquisition of NoWatt, a Marseille-based company specialising in architectural solar lighting.
  • Completion of the largest solar lighting project in northern Chile. Installation of 2,000 autonomous street lamps.