Fonroche Lighting’s R&D teams have developed a remote connectivity tool specially tailored to our solar streetlights. 

Called Fonroche Connect, it uses LoRaTM low-data-rate wireless technology for remote, real-time management and monitoring of streetlights. This web-based app lets you monitor and troubleshoot your network of individually geolocated streetlights to ensure perfectly controlled, uninterrupted lighting throughout the year.

Remote monitoring of off-grid streetlights

The Fonroche Connect app on desktop, tablet or smartphone gives you instant access to all physical data from each off-grid solar streetlight:

  • Geographic location

  • Level of light output 

  • Charge level of the Power365 battery

  • Operational status

This information gives you a quick status check of entire sets of solar streetlights, so you can respond to any anomalies. This kind of remote diagnostic also helps you plan preventive actions, such as pruning trees overhanging PV panels or replacing product components.

Long-range management of solar streetlights

As well as updating you on the physical status of your off-grid streetlights, the Fonroche Connect app lets you manage them from long distances away. Individual streetlights or entire networks can be switched on and off remotely, as needed. Lighting settings can also be adjusted to reduce or increase illumination levels.

Smarter public lighting

The global leader in solar lighting, Fonroche Lighting offers solutions that aren’t just environmentally friendly — they’re also smarter. Urban lighting accounts for a significant proportion of spending by local authorities, public-sector organizations and private companies and is time-consuming to manage. In response, we’ve developed a sustainable, easy-to-use system that requires no maintenance for the first 10 years.

 The Fonroche Connect app also tells you how much your CO2 emissions have been reduced by solar technology. This is especially important given the goals we need to reach as we build a more eco-responsible future.

Streetlights 2.0 for the smart cities of the future

The world’s cities are constantly looking for smarter urban innovations to improve quality of life, safety and security. Fonroche off-grid lighting solutions combine technology and ecology to meet these criteria. Smartlighting is progressively taking over from obsolete lighting systems that are power hungry and expensive to operate.