How does solar lighting fit into modern architecture?

The constant evolution of modern architecture and more sustainable, innovative solutions are highlighting solar street lighting as a clean, intelligent lighting solution that reconciles contemporary aesthetics and environmental responsibility.

Let's find out how solar streetlights fit in with the challenges of modern architecture.


I. Light and architecture: two inseparable elements

Eclairage public modene NOwatt
Light and architecture have a complementary relationship, with lighting helping to accentuate the identity of buildings, architectural volumes, parks and gardens after dark. Today, light is no longer limited to its primary function as a source of illumination, but helps to create a powerful visual experience through the various interplay of light.

As the famous architect Le Corbusier put it, "architecture is the skilful, correct and magnificent interplay of volumes under light". In this way, lighting becomes an essential player in the creation of emotions by playing with architectural volumes and surfaces.

Architectural lighting, far beyond its aesthetic aspect, is proving to be the ideal means of illuminating and magnifying heritage, whether historic or contemporary. Cities and local authorities can use this combination of lighting and architecture for both decorative and signage purposes.


II. How solar lighting meets the challenges of modern architecture

Today's architecture is subject to strict expectations in terms of ecological commitment and environmental responsibility. According to an article by Saint-Gobain, over 40% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions come from the building industry. Smart city" design requires an intelligent, sustainable, eco-responsible approach, favoring the use of recycled materials and renewable energies. As a result, modern architecture finds itself confronted with a number of sustainable development issues, in order to move towards an approach that protects the environment.

Between technological and energy innovation, solar-powered urban lighting is a particularly interesting solution for modern public lighting. More economical and sustainable, solar solutions make a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact of street lighting.

This intelligent technology reduces energy costs, both during and after construction, by harnessing solar energy and using LED technology in the lanterns. Installation and maintenance costs are also reduced, as the streetlights do not need to be connected to the electricity grid.

The impact of public and architectural lighting on the biodiversity of our landscapes is undeniable. Our mission is therefore to provide efficient solutions, geared towards a sustainable energy transition and improved electricity management, while favoring aesthetic, innovative and modern elements.

Let's take the example of a NoWatt Lighting project in Clermont-Ferrand. The municipality had initiated a singular project: the design of a luminous river. Thanks to the company's solar lighting technology, the light blends harmoniously into the landscape, creating an atmosphere evocative of water and nature.


Eclairage solaire architectural


Eclairage solaire architectural

As well as taking an ecological approach, modern architecture aspires to a more local dimension by encouraging short circuits and the preservation of ancestral know-how. The underlying aim is to merge tradition, modernity, design and innovation, while preserving the environment.

The new solar lighting technologies, economical and environmentally friendly, are innovative, stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Solar street lamps contribute to visual harmony by offering a diversity of styles, lanterns and masts, while allowing customization of luminosity and lighting. In this way, solar-powered street lamps become not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

III. Architectural solar lighting: discover NoWatt Lighting

Solar energy is proof that the alternative exists, and Fonroche Lighting's NoWatt range of products is part of this innovative approach to creating new atmospheres, for lighting that is more respectful of our environment and our landscapes.

Thanks to their comprehensive range, from beaconing to illuminated decoration or even the illumination of buildings or monuments, the NoWatt range of self-contained lighting offers infinite possibilities for customizing colors, creating light and scenarios, demonstrating that there are no limits to solar-powered lighting. The teams have developed different types of studs dedicated to signage (Crystal) and facades (Mika), incorporating Mesh technology that enables the creation of customized dynamic scenarios and remote management.

But architectural illumination goes even further. Solar bollards and photovoltaic columns can be used to illuminate different types of structures, such as buildings, paths, gardens and parking lots. Designed to combine modern aesthetics with optimum performance, these bollards incorporate LED luminaires and vertical solar panels positioned on the sides, making it easier to capture the sun's rays, even in northern regions where sunshine is less pronounced.

Architectural solar lighting integrates seamlessly into urban planning projects. It improves visibility and enhances both urban and natural spaces. The "La Pépite" project in Mons en Baroeul is a perfect example. Rapid installation in less than three hours revealed a luminous project, sublimating the building's avant-garde architecture.

Fonroche Lighting recently acquired NoWatt Lighting, a company specializing in architectural solar lighting. With this acquisition, Fonroche Lighting aims to explore new areas of expertise and open up new markets. This is an opportunity for the leader in solar street lighting to broaden its product range, offering solar solutions specifically dedicated to signage, illuminated ornamentation and architectural lighting for buildings and monuments.

For more information on architectural solar lighting and our new NoWatt product range, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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