Fonroche Lighting America: what's new ?

Since 2019, Fonroche Lighting has been rolling out its Smartlight solar streetlights in the United States through Fonroche Lighting America, based in Needham Heights, Boston, MA. This new strategic location has further strengthened our international presence and gives American companies and local authorities the chance to benefit from our French-manufactured and globally recognized solutions and technologies.

Fonroche Lighting America: multicultural solar expertise

In 2019, Fonroche Lighting established a local presence in the United States with the acquisition of SolarOne, now Fonroche Lighting America. The acquisition of this US firm — specialists in solar public lighting since 2004 — has enabled the global sector leader to step up the number of projects in America, which are managed from Boston, MA.

Every day, the Boston teams work with local authorities, retailers and other private-sector companies seeking innovative and sustainable lighting solutions. The teams have conducted an initial survey of local authorities to better understand the factors influencing their choice of public lighting technology.

Leveraging the combined expertise of Fonroche Lighting and SolarOne, the US subsidiary is a staging point for the rollout of solar lighting, which is still relatively underexploited in the United States.

Solar now an established solution in the US

Black Hills State University: an eco-responsible campus

Fonroche Lighting America - solar public lighting Black Hills University

Black Hills State University (BHSU) in South Dakota has chosen Fonroche technology to light several of the walkways crossing its campus. Thanks to the Power365 system developed by the French company’s R&D teams, the streetlights are perfectly suited to extreme temperatures. They’re making the campus a safer place for students after dark and support BHSU’s energy transition. The university offers a degree program in renewable energies and aims to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Bartlesville adopts solar, with no trenches or cable laying

In Oklahoma, Lee Lake and the surrounding park is one of Bartlesville’s most popular recreational areas for walkers and cyclists. Because the park doesn’t have any lighting, the local authority needed a solution so that access could be extended into the evenings, especially in winter. The authority made a request for lighting to the public utility services, but it was rejected, since laying cables for conventional streetlights near the lake would have been too complicated and costly.

Enter Fonroche Lighting America! By offering an entirely off-grid solution, they enabled the authorities to make the park safe after dark. Because they don’t require a grid connection and aren’t affected by flooding — the battery system is located at the top of the pole — Fonroche Smartlights are suitable for all types of terrain, even the hardest-to-reach locations.

Fonroche Lighting America - Solar public lighting at Lee Lake
Fonroche Lighting America - Solar public lighting at Lee Lake

In St. Charles County, solar lighting makes parking lots safer

St. Charles County, Missouri, famed for its wineries and rural landscapes, has outfitted a parking lot with off-grid solar streetlights to improve access to one of its rural venues. The former New Melle Lakes golf course has been transformed into a park and has been hosting numerous weddings and receptions in its Landhaus (“country house” in German) since October 2020. To ensure the safety of users at the site, the County opted for sustainable lighting. Installation is quick and easy. It doesn’t require any grid connection and was carried out by the park teams. A way for the County to save money and energy while preserving the landscape, which will no doubt be appreciated by wedding parties!

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