The sun is a renewable energy with no impact on the planet. As an expert in solar energy for over 12 years, Fonroche Lighting has developed a range of solar street lights for public lighting that are 100% autonomous and offer the same luminous efficiency as conventional lighting.

How does solar lighting work?

  • During the day: The photovoltaic module captures energy from the sun and stores it in a battery using our Power365 technology.
  • At night: Our smart technology at the top of the mast releases the stored solar energy to power the LED block.


Equipped with an anti-blackout system, we guarantee permanent solar street lighting whatever the weather conditions.

The benefits of solar street lighting

Solar lighting is very advantageous for local authorities, companies, industrialists, road concessions and retailers... With its easy installation, no cables, no electrical cabinet and its autonomous operation, the solar street light is more competitive than grid lighting.

Autonomie avantage solaire


100% solar, no connection to the electricity grid. High availability. No cut-off

Puissance picto solaire


Powerful solar lighting, equivalent to the grid.

économique avantage eclairage solaire


No maintenance for 10 years. Quick and easy installation. No more electricity bills!

Fiabilité avantages eclairage solaire


Resistant to the most extreme weather conditions (wind resistance EN40 and temperature resistance)

éco-responsable éclairage solaire

Environmentally responsible

Is part of an environmental preservation approach.

How a solar street light works

The sun is present all year round, 24 hours a day. Smartlight streetlamps harness solar energy to provide eco-friendly lighting 365 nights a year.

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