Why opt for solar street lighting?

In a world where environmental and economic issues are at the heart of our concerns, how can solar street lighting light up our spaces and our lives in a more intelligent and responsible way? A solution for the future, the solar streetlight embodies this shared desire to respect our environment, save money and innovate every day to ensure the safety of our spaces.

Find out why solar street lighting is the right choice for so many projects.

I. A cost-effective solution

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One of the major advantages of solar street lighting is that it reduces community expenditure. By being independent of the electricity grid, solar streetlights eliminate the monthly costs associated with electricity bills. What's more, solar lighting offers long-term benefits thanks to minimal maintenance and upkeep costs.

Another key economic aspect is the absence of a grid connection. In fact, since solar streetlights are totally autonomous thanks to their solar panels, they don't need to be connected to the grid, which significantly reduces installation costs.

There are also a number of grants and funding schemes available in France to help local authorities set up solar lighting projects.

II. Sustainable, solar street lighting preserves the environment

Today, preserving the environment has become a priority. Indeed, solar street lighting is becoming a pillar of "green lighting", defined as clean, eco-responsible lighting.

Solar street lighting is all the more interesting because it is a direct response to the need to reduce carbon emissions. By using the sun's renewable energy, this system minimizes the impact of street lighting on the environment. In particular, solar lighting is said to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 56%, helping to mitigate climate change.

Another major advantage is its durability over time. In fact, individual components (such as the battery) are designed and tested to withstand the most extreme weather and environmental conditions. What's more, when it's necessary to replace certain parts, most of their components are recyclable, reducing the volume of electronic waste and contributing to responsible resource management.

Solar street lighting also reduces light pollution. In fact, solar streetlights are specially designed to diffuse targeted light, minimizing light dispersion and preserving the quality of the night sky. This lighting not only benefits city dwellers by giving them a more starry night sky, but also has a positive impact on urban biodiversity, by avoiding disturbance to nocturnal species.

What's more, the LED lamps used in our lanterns last 20 times longer and help reduce energy consumption by 70-90% compared with conventional street lamps. Not only is this a source of savings, but the use of LEDs also guarantees continuous, reliable lighting.

III. Ease of installation and maintenance for a self-contained, efficient lighting column

One of the main distinguishing features of solar street lighting is that it's quick, easy and cost-effective to install. Unlike traditional lighting, which requires connection to the electricity grid, solar streetlights are self-sufficient and require no major civil engineering work. This means they can be installed in record time: less than 2 hours for a streetlight.

Self-sufficient, the solar streetlight requires little or no maintenance for 10 years. What's more, because they're made from high-quality materials, they're resilient and durable in the face of various environmental impacts.

IV. A source of security for the population

One of the major safety concerns in urban areas is the lack of lighting at night. Dark, poorly-lit streets become breeding grounds for insecurity, vandalism and crime.

Another important aspect of public safety is the expansion of lighting to new urban and/or rural areas. Every day, 20,000 new people are lit around the world. In many parts of the world, people still live without proper street lighting, exposing them to considerable risks at night. By lighting up new populations every day, solar street lighting is helping to democratize light safety around the world.

V. A versatile solution for every application

Solar street lighting stands out for its versatility, offering a lighting solution that adapts to a variety of uses and environmental conditions. Whether for busy city streets, remote roads, urban parks or non-electrified areas, solar street lighting reliably meets the diverse lighting needs of our society.

From extreme polar cold to arid heat, solar street lighting adapts to ensure reliable illumination even in poorly lit areas, while complying with the standards in force in different countries. What's more, as each lighting project is unique, our design office works with each one to propose the best solution.

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