Is solar street lighting really eco-responsible ?

As the importance of sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint continues to grow, solar street lighting is emerging as a solution for the future. However, it is essential to ask whether this technology is truly eco-responsible.

In this article, we explore the key aspects of solar street lighting to better understand its environmental impact and its role in the transition to sustainable solutions. We will examine its durability and recyclability, as well as the practices we use to limit our environmental impact throughout the life cycle of these innovative lighting systems.

Solar street lamps: an eco-designed product

It is now essential to incorporate environmental characteristics into the design of lighting columns, with a view to improving their performance and environmental impact throughout their life cycle. Today, it is essential to adopt a more sustainable approach that respects the environment through equipment solutions that can be recycled and that reduce pollution. To address these concerns, Fonroche Lighting is carrying out operations to ensure that its products are eco-designed, high-performing and more sustainable throughout their life.

A life cycle analysis (LCA) has been carried out in comparison with traditional lighting. The aim is to identify, study and then assess the various environmental impacts of our floor lamp and its materials, from manufacture to recycling. In order to assess this carbon impact, the LCA was related to the carbon emissions generated per night over a period of 40 years (which corresponds to the longest life of each component). The results were more than conclusive, demonstrating that solar-powered public streetlights have a carbon impact that is half that of traditional wired streetlights over their entire lifespan. 

What's more, we integrate an environmental and ecological approach right from the design stage of our lampposts, and at every level, by favouring the choice of suppliers and producers with a transparent approach to the environment.

Lampadaire éco-conçus

Fonroche Lighting: street lamps designed to be recycled

Solar-powered streetlights are much more than just lighting devices; they embody the convergence between technological innovation and environmental sustainability. The development of solar-powered luminaires is enabling local authorities to meet new needs by reducing their impact on the environment and their energy consumption, and moving towards a more responsible and intelligent city. 

However, this solution must be eco-responsible at all levels in order to reduce pollution and have the lowest possible environmental impact. At Fonroche Lighting, we are committed to offering a high-performance solution that combines durability and eco-design, to encourage the recycling of its components.

Among the components of a solar streetlight, two stand out when it comes to recycling: the battery and the photovoltaic panel. 
The photovoltaic module, which has a lifespan of over 30 years, has a 99% recyclability rate. In fact, most of its components are 100% recyclable and/or reusable. The battery itself has a lifespan equivalent to 10 years, with a 99% recyclability rate. Using a NiMH battery means that this rate can be achieved by reusing and reclaiming the metals used, including 84% of the nickel-iron used to make steel. 

In order to recycle our street lamps and their components as effectively as possible, Fonroche Lighting has been a member of the SOREN eco organisation since 2017, with the aim of recycling the components of the photovoltaic panel at the end of its life. As for the battery, the company SNAM Groupe, which specialises in the collection and recycling of batteries and storage systems, has been chosen.


An sustainable approach throughout the process

Throughout the process, from design to end-of-life, Fonroche solar streetlights incorporate nature-friendly and sustainable features. But eco-responsibility is not limited to streetlights. That's why Fonroche Lighting has made a long-term commitment to a responsible approach, promoting CSR in both production and the company. To meet this commitment, we are working to reduce our emissions and our consumption and are developing an environmentally-friendly approach, in particular by ensuring that our suppliers respect our values and an ethical approach. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified for the quality management of our products and the overall environmental performance of our services.

As Fonroche Lighting is a local company, we favour short circuits by choosing producers and manufacturers close to our industrial site. We take particular care in choosing our suppliers so that they are the most competitive, innovative and efficient, while applying a total quality approach and constantly improving their service. We also train all our employees in our CSR policy, incorporating concepts such as safety, hygiene, health at work, recycling, gender equality, anti-corruption, etc. 
In one way or another, Fonroche contributes to a sustainable and ecological approach, as well as a healthy working environment, by meeting 11 of the 17 sustainable development goals.


Is solar street lighting really eco-responsible ?


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