Road infrastructure: 5 reasons to opt for sustainable lighting

Globalization is the main driving force behind economic development. In Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, metropolises are flourishing and modernizing through large-scale construction projects.

To accompany these transformations, numerous road infrastructures are being built: trunk roads, freeways, viaducts, bridges and more. Everything is designed to facilitate travel for citizens and professionals alike. But street lighting remains a point of contention. Here are five reasons not to overlook this safety factor, and to opt for solar lighting.

1. Ensuring user safety and comfort

It's a fact that street lighting makes road travel easier after dark! Limiting blind spots, highlighting obstacles, reducing eyestrain and more. Illumination plays an important role in road safety.

But the benefits of lighting don't stop there! As well as having an impact on road safety, lighting has a real impact on public safety by limiting the number of incivilities and assaults, and improving quality of life, particularly in developing countries.

2. Lighten the municipal budget

It's also fair to say that street lighting is a major expense: electricity bills, maintenance and renewal all weigh heavily on local budgets. Solutions exist to reduce operating costs: solar street lamps, for example, cancel them out, as they operate completely off-grid. What's more, it has been demonstrated that solar energy is becoming more economical than the electricity grid.

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3. Concentrate luminous flux on main roads


To limit light pollution and protect flora and fauna, solar lighting is also the preferred choice, as it complies with current lighting standards for the protection of the environment. Luminous flux and color temperatures are designed to have no impact on biodiversity, and only illuminate roadways.

Our Smartlight lantern has also been designed to reduce light emissions by producing no upward light emissions, thus creating no light pollution and preserving the starry sky.

4. Installing luminaires without blocking traffic flow

Roadworks cause numerous traffic and safety disruptions. The duration of roadworks is therefore crucial.

With each mast installed in less than two hours, the solar streetlight considerably reduces the duration of roadworks, saving time thanks to the absence of trenches and electrical connections.

5. Acting for an eco-responsible planet

Last but not least, 100% solar lighting is good for the planet. In fact, by using renewable energy, we help to reduce CO2 emissions and preserve our environment.Last but not least, 100% solar lighting is good for the planet. In fact, by using renewable energy, we're helping to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and preserve our environment.

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