Fonroche Connect : Remote monitoring of off-grid streetlights

10 reasons why you should choose solar lighting, Corporate news

Built-in connectivity Fonroche Lighting’s R&D teams have developed a remote connectivity tool specially tailored to our solar streetlights called Fonroche Connect. This app uses LoRaTM low-data-rate wireless technology for remote, real-time management and monitoring of streetlights. It lets you monitor and troubleshoot your network of individually geolocated streetlights to ensure perfectly controlled, uninterrupted lighting throughout […]


Road infrastructure: 5 reasons to choose sustainable lighting

10 reasons why you should choose solar lighting

Globalization is the primary driver of economic development and growth. In Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, cities are prospering and modernizing, with major work programmes underway. To support these transformations, new highways, freeways, bridges and other road infrastructure is being built. All designed to keep people and businesses moving. Public lighting is important for […]


Solar lighting is lower cost than traditional lighting

10 reasons why you should choose solar lighting

Public lighting, mostly powered by the grid, accounts for over half of public authority spending. And as the price of electricity continues to rise, so does the lighting bill. Authorities therefore need to find more cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. With solar now lower cost than conventional equipment, Fonroche’s off-grid solar lighting technology is revolutionizing the […]


Solar lighting: a fast growing market

10 reasons why you should choose solar lighting

Delivering lighting solutions, that’s good. Delivering environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions — that’s even better! The solar streetlight has a bright future. It’s proving a compelling choice for a growing number of governments, who are also promoting it. Indeed, the support of these influencers is having a real impact on the solar lighting market. As […]


Road Lighting for Dummies

10 reasons why you should choose solar lighting

Our road networks are improving all the time, with works ranging from repairs and resurfacing to new links and major development schemes. Public lighting is often a secondary consideration, however — installed at the end of these works or even years later. So, how do you make roads safe at night without digging up and […]