Green, clean and renewable energy – What does it all mean?

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Renewables are the cornerstone of the energy transition. This global shift is firmly underway, with renewable forms of energy playing a growing role in our daily lives. Seen as both sources of innovation and solutions to tackle global warming, green energy is being harnessed everywhere. It’s time to take a closer look at how far […]


Cameroon: Fonroche delivers training in streetlight installation

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In Bertoua, capital of Cameroon’s eastern region, 460 Fonroche solar streetlights were recently installed to improve living standards for local people and help boost socioeconomic activity. After choosing our lighting solution for a street in the capital Yaoundé last year, Cameroon is pursuing its urban development programme with cost-effective off-grid streetlights, which are unaffected by […]


Fonroche Lighting America: what’s new ?

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Since 2019, Fonroche Lighting has been rolling out its Smartlight solar streetlights in the United States through Fonroche Lighting America, based in Needham Heights, Boston, MA. This new strategic location has further strengthened our international presence and gives American companies and local authorities the chance to benefit from our French-manufactured and globally recognized solutions and […]


Morocco goes all out on renewables

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On Earth Day, 22 April 2016, Morocco made a commitment to the planet by signing the Paris Agreement. This historic agreement, which was adopted at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) and signed by 175 countries (187 as of today), aims to fight global warming and its impact on climate change. Since then, Morocco […]


Lighting the Trans-Sahara Highway

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Solar energy is gaining ground in Central Africa, especially in Chad, which benefits from high levels of sunlight (4-6 kilowatt-hours per square meter per day).    This huge potential makes Chad a perfect candidate for photovoltaic solar power. Numerous projects are already shaping up across the country, including a PV solar power plant near the […]


Europe embraces solar lighting

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Solar lighting has a bright future in Europe Obsolescence, savings, environment The French lighting association (AFE) estimates that 90 million urban streetlights are installed in Europe and that 75% of them are over 25 years old. This obsolescence means high electricity and maintenance costs, so they’ll inevitably have to be upgraded, sooner or later. What’s […]


Fonroche Connect : Remote monitoring of off-grid streetlights

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Built-in connectivity Fonroche Lighting’s R&D teams have developed a remote connectivity tool specially tailored to our solar streetlights called Fonroche Connect. This app uses LoRaTM low-data-rate wireless technology for remote, real-time management and monitoring of streetlights. It lets you monitor and troubleshoot your network of individually geolocated streetlights to ensure perfectly controlled, uninterrupted lighting throughout […]