Lampadaire solaire voie verte

Solar street lighting: a step towards a green city

The green city: city of the future  The concept of the green city is becoming increasingly popular, but what does it really mean? It is based on the principle of sustainable urban development. This involves creating urban environments that incorporate environmentally-friendly practices, while promoting a better quality of life for residents.
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Lidl supermarket chain opts for solar lighting

Grocery retailer Lidl chooses Fonroche Lighting for its new stores
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Fonroche Connect : Remote monitoring of off-grid streetlights

Built-in connectivity
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Switzerland takes solar lighting to new heights

With its high peaks, sheer valleys and snow-covered ski slopes, Switzerland has a growing need for off-grid public lighting.
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The new face of Senegal: a local perspective

50,000. That’s how many off-grid public streetlights will be installed
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The American Dream: Fonroche Lighting in the USA

In September 2019, Fonroche Lighting announced the acquisition of
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Road infrastructure: 5 reasons to choose sustainable lighting

Globalization is the primary driver of economic development and growth. In Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, cities are
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Watt Are You Doing: Focus on Our Design Office

What does a design office actually do? To shed some light, we talked to those clever people at the Fonroche Lighting Design Office.
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Quick tour of New Caledonia: renewables have a bright future

New Caledonia is a French territory in the Pacific about 1,210 km (750 mi) east of Australia.
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Solar lighting is lower cost than traditional lighting

Public lighting, mostly powered by the grid, accounts for over half of public authority spending.
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Solar lighting: a fast growing market

Delivering lighting solutions, that’s good. Delivering environmentally responsible and sustainable
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15 months to meet Benin’s road lighting needs

On your marks, get set… In January 2019, we announced
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Africa: 10,000 more people get solar lighting every night

In Senegal, Africa, we’ve installed thousands of sustainable solar streetlights so far, which automatically switch on as dusk approaches, providing
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A bright future for solar lighting

The conversation has heated up in recent months around the environmental impact of public
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Solar lighting impresses in East Africa

A year ago, Fonroche Lighting set up a new subsidiary in Africa.

Skills transfer for each solar lighting project

A customer has placed an order for solar streetlights. We’ve manufactured them, tested them
Preview Trezor project in Mali, Fonroche Solar Lighting

200 solar streetlights in Mali with the TREZOR project

In northwest France, the lle-et-Vilaine council is celebrating 35 years of cooperation with the Mopti region of Mali.
Preview Fonroche Lighting lab: ready, test, go!

Fonroche Lighting lab: ready, test, go!

Things are heating up in the lab! Here, Fonroche Lighting tests all the components of its solar streetlights before approving them for production.
Preview Saturday 31 August, we celebrate World Blog Day

World Blog Day

Join us today, Saturday 31st August, as we celebrate World Blog Day by turning the spotlight on our own corporate ‘weblog’.
Preview Colombia’s longest bridge lit by Fonroche

Colombia’s longest bridge lit by Fonroche

In July 2018, the Viaducto de la Paz, or ‘Viaduct of Peace’, was officially opened to motorists and other road users. This major
Preview Discover the Fonroche Lighting Senegal subsidiary

Senegal: Fonroche team ready for action

At Fonroche, we’re keen to establish a local presence close to our lighting projects.