Africa: 10,000 more people get solar lighting every night

In Senegal, Africa, we’ve installed thousands of sustainable solar streetlights so far, which automatically switch on as dusk approaches, providing light for 10,000 more people every night. And we’re about to launch a similar project in Benin, which will double this figure. Our solar solutions deliver safety, cost savings and ecological benefits. They also mean employment, with over 500 direct and indirect jobs in the pipelines in Africa.

Africa a brighter place

Eco-friendly urban lighting in Africa

To date, 7,300 solar streetlights are already improving safety on roads and across residential areas and public spaces in a dozen Senegalese communities. By 2022, we’ll have installed 50,000. And in Benin, 15,000 streetlights will provide illumination for citizens. The Fonroche teams are putting up streetlights at a rate of almost 150 a day — a feat we hope will inspire other countries to consider our solutions as well.

One-stop shop for governments

Fonroche Lighting is positioned as a one-stop shop, providing consultancy and performing product engineering, manufacture and maintenance, as well as helping with funding arrangements for your lighting projects. The France-based company is ready to work with all African governments and contracting authorities so you can provide sustainable lighting for the regions and communities you serve, with installation completed rapidly.

Remote monitoring

To help you keep check
on your networks of solar streetlights, Fonroche offers a remote monitoring
service. Using a software application, maintenance teams have a comprehensive,
real-time overview of all equipment.

In Senegal, the monitoring centre in the Fann Hock district of Dakar was recently opened by French Secretary of State Agnès Pannier-Runacher as part of Prime Minister Édouard Philippe’s state visit to the country.

Monitoring centre in the Fann Hock district of Dakar was opened by French Secretary of State

A wealth of employment

500 direct and indirect jobs in Africa

These large-scale
projects are creating employment. Fonroche Lighting has set up four
subsidiaries in Africa to meet the huge demand for lighting solutions. These
new entities need to be staffed. And the French company has chosen to recruit
people locally — not least because they have a better knowledge of the market.
Training sessions are held at our headquarters in France to ensure we’re all
working to the same standards and values. In total, we plan to create over 500
direct and indirect jobs in Africa.

All job openings are posted on LinkedIn 😊

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