Europe embraces solar lighting

Solar lighting has a bright future in Europe

Obsolescence, savings, environment

The French lighting association (AFE) estimates that 90 million urban streetlights are installed in Europe and that 75% of them are over 25 years old. This obsolescence means high electricity and maintenance costs, so they’ll inevitably have to be upgraded, sooner or later.

What’s more, the 28 EU countries have environment targets to meet, and public lighting is a key factor. Off-grid solar lighting is THE solution for reducing energy consumption and emissions, helping mitigate climate change.

Fonroche solar streetlights impress in Europe

Greece’s Pieria Road lit by solar

Greece is ideally suited to renewable energies, and our solar lighting solutions are already gaining a foothold. In the Macedonia region, 40 solar streetlights have been installed along a busy road, improving safety. The customer is satisfied: “I’m very happy with the quality. The crew love the products. Everything’s working as it should!”

In the East Attica region, six units are lighting a walkway at a centre for children. Quick and easy to install, off-grid streetlights are the perfect fit for all kinds of projects.

Spain moving to smarter cities

After opening its new offices on the outskirts of Madrid, Fonroche Lighting Iberica has a growing number of LED solar lighting projects in the pipeline. The first Fonroche PV streetlights in Spain will be installed in the next few days in Catalonia, where they’ll provide lighting for an arts centre carpark. The Catalonia region is keen to adopt eco-friendly technologies, which are a key part of the smart city concept.

Varied solar lighting applications in Romania

Fonroche Lighting operates in Romania through partnerships with public lighting experts who’ve been trained in our Power365 technology — the only system in the world that guarantees 365 nights of solar lighting a year.

Three new projects were completed in Romania in the second quarter of 2020. The applications are varied:

  • The carpark at a specialist lighting company
  • An electric vehicle charging area
  • A cycle lane

With huge disparities in electrical distribution, Eastern Europe is showing keen interest in the solar public streetlights manufactured by Fonroche Lighting. They ensure better safety, security and lighting reliability. The system never shuts down, even during power outages, and installation is quick and easy, with no grid connection needed.

Fonroche Lighting is present in Spain, Italy, the Balkans, Greece, Eastern Europe, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

Talk to us about your solar public lighting requirements:

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