Solar lighting: a fast growing market

Delivering lighting
solutions, that’s good. Delivering environmentally responsible and sustainable
solutions — that’s even better! The solar streetlight has a bright future. It’s
proving a compelling choice for a growing number of governments, who are also
promoting it. Indeed, the support of these influencers is having a real impact
on the solar lighting market. As cities around the world continue to develop
and expand, more and more solar lighting projects are happening.

Fonroche Lighting is going even further by offering governments a complete one-stop solution, from initial consultancy to financing arrangements. We’re here to turn your project into reality!

Solar lighting impresses governments

Growing demand for street lighting

Around the world,
cities are going ‘smart’ — keen to operate more efficiently, leverage the power
of new technologies and be more ecologically sustainable. How do you recognize
a smart city? They’re building new road infrastructure, opening up natural
spaces, introducing cleverly designed street furniture and making streetwise
use of solar power.

Becoming smarter
also means adopting the highest standards of public safety and security. And
here, the contribution of public lighting shouldn’t be overlooked. But how do
you ensure the right level of lighting, exactly where it’s needed, without
driving up energy costs, while staying true to the green image these smart
cities are eager to convey?

One solution stands
apart from all others: off-grid solar lighting. Entirely powered by sunlight,
with no cabling, it’s quick to install and more cost efficient than grid-tied
technology. The solar lighting market is growing rapidly, thanks to the lower
cost of components, burgeoning demand for road lighting and the support of
governments. Various companies in the solar lighting sector are expanding
internationally, chief among them Fonroche Lighting.

2020 is already shaping up to be our busiest year yet, with a lot of road and urban lighting projects in the pipeline, and it’s only the start of this phenomenon. In the next few years, smart cities will be lit entirely by solar solutions — and cars will fly!

A complete package for governments

Fonroche Lighting: your one-stop shop

As we’ve said,
governments are the main influencers. And to go even further, France-based
Fonroche Lighting has introduced a one-stop shop concept tailored to the
requirements of decision-makers today. It includes consultancy, engineering,
manufacture, maintenance and financing arrangements for all your projects.

Thanks to the export credit scheme in France, Fonroche Lighting is able
to provide key customers with competitive financing. “This kind of support is
proving really valuable for our customers,” says Laurent Lubrano, the company’s
managing director.

For more information, please contact one of our experts, who will be happy to advise.

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