Solar public lighting – an obvious choice for sun-drenched Corsica

Soaring mountain ranges, unspoilt sandy beaches, dense pine forests and picturesque coastal villages... It's easy to see why Corsica is known in France as the “Ile of Beauty”. Almost half of the island's varied landscapes are classified as natural parkland, and its Mediterranean climate brings record hours of sunshine, making it the ideal candidates for solar street lighting. Our local partner Alta Rocca is working hand-in-hand with Fonroche Lighting's Design Office on several projects to meet the specific needs and requirements of the island's population.

Corsica: natural home territory for solar lighting

Design Office plays key role in projects

Fonroche is delivering its solutions through a growing number of solar lighting projects across France, thanks largely to the hard work and professionalism of our sales agents and Design Office teams. At the start of every project, a solar survey is carried out to determine how many streetlights are needed, what the best configuration is, and which products will provide optimum lighting. The result is an almost lifelike simulation of the planned installation, fully aligned with the needs of the site and taking account of local ground and climatic conditions.

In northern Corsica, our partner Alta Rocca furnished a small residential complex (La Maddalena) in Vescovato with eight Fonroche solar streetlights in partnership with Solaire Corse. The project is a stunning success: the residents now enjoy high-performance, uniform street lighting every night of the year.

Protecting Corsica's landscapes with solar lighting

Because of its minimum impact on the environment, solar lighting is particularly well suited to making the roads and streets of Corsica safer. Unlike grid-connected networks, no earthwork or trenches are needed, installation is quick and easy and suitable for all types of terrain. The town of Zonza in southern Corsica chose Fonroche solar streetlights for its mountain roads. The authorities are so delighted with the lights’ excellent performance that they're planning more projects.

In the southwest of the island, the car park at Cupabia Beach has been equipped with solar streetlights to ensure safe access day and night.


Cupabia beach parking lot Corsica solar street lighting Fonroche
Parking plage de Cupabia
Mountain road camping Zonza Corsica solar street lighting Fonroche
Entrée du camping de Zonza




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