Solar lighting is lower cost than traditional lighting

Public lighting, mostly powered by the grid, accounts for over half of public authority spending. And as the price of electricity continues to rise, so does the lighting bill. Authorities therefore need to find more cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions.

With solar now lower cost than conventional equipment, Fonroche’s off-grid solar lighting technology is revolutionizing the market. When the price of renewable energy is cheaper than the price of power from the electricity grid, it’s called ‘grid parity’. And that’s exactly what has happened.

How is this possible? Let us enlighten you…

When solar energy becomes lower cost than the grid

Like other markets before it, off-grid solar lighting is undergoing a revolution. It’s now cheaper than grid-connected lighting in terms of initial investment costs.

A simpler solution for new urban projects

Most new urban
projects involve installing public lighting. And solar lighting is now 30%
cheaper per kilometre than an equivalent grid-connected equipment.

Here’s a comparison
for lighting a one-kilometre stretch of road:

  • Conventional technology: as well as buying the
    streetlights, you have to add the cost of grid connection and installation.
  • Solar solution: after buying the solar streetlights, a
    simple concrete block is all that’s needed for quick and easy installation (no
    trenches, no cables, no electrical connection).
Cost parity

Solar is the ideal solution for lighting a residential area, a city or even a whole country — and quickly at that. In Senegal, for example, we’re delivering sustainable lighting across a third of the country. The entire project will take just two years, compared to a decade with conventional equipment.

Cost-effective, eco-friendly upgrades

The same cost
savings apply when upgrading public lighting. Solar lighting is the most
cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to replace old equipment in a
poor state of repair. Easy to install, Fonroche streetlights are the
enlightened solution for all your urban projects!

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