Lidl supermarket chain opts for solar lighting

Grocery retailer Lidl chooses Fonroche Lighting for its new stores

Seen to make more sense than ever before as an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to conventional grid-tied — and power-hungry — lighting systems, solar energy is making huge advancements. As part of its ongoing efforts to switch to clean, green renewable energy, German supermarket giant Lidl has chosen Fonroche Lighting, which offers a complete range of solar streetlights for all environments, to illuminate the car parks at its new grocery stores. First to benefit was the retailer's new Chilly-Mazarin store in the Essonne area, south of Paris, which opened in January 2020.

The Chilly-Mazarin grocery store

The Lidl store in Chilly-Mazarin reflects the budget retailer's commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and use more sustainable energy. The roof of the store is equipped with 1,200 sq.m. of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and the car parks are lit with self-adaptive, all-LED solar streetlights — the most viable clean, green alternative to grid-connected lighting. Eager to benefit from the best of French made technology and expertise, Lidl turned to Fonroche Lighting, the global leader in solar lighting.

quick and easy installation with minimum impact on the environment, since no
earthwork or trenches were needed, the new store now boasts:

- Powerful
state-of-the-art lighting that's entirely off-grid, as no cabling was required.

- No more electricity bills, so lower operating costs.

- And a nice, sleek design that fits perfectly with the retailer's visual identity !

Setting a new standard for other Lidl stores

This solar
lighting project has set a new benchmark and is today serving as a full-scale
trial for the supermarket chain as it seeks to develop more energy-efficient
buildings and ultimately operate energy-neutral stores. With car parks at four
of its stores in France now equipped with Fonroche Lighting systems, Lidl has
already saved:

- 65,000
kWh of electricity per year — enough to power 21 homes  (source: ADEME (French Environment and Energy
Management Agency),

- 4 tonnes
of CO2 per year.

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