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Off-grid solar streetlighting

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Village with a view gets solar lighting 08/02/2019

Village with a view gets solar lighting

Solar lighting in Switzerland

A Fonroche off-grid solar lighting system has been installed in a residential area of Bullet, Switzerland, with a view of Mont Blanc. The solution increases safety on the narrow road serving the neighbourhood and improves access for residents.

The heavy snowfall in winter has no effect on our solar streetlights, which continue to operate optimally at all times. With their Power365 battery, they deliver uninterrupted lighting 365 nights a year.


Switzerland, an ecological champion

Fonroche has delivered a host of projects in Switzerland, including road lighting in Orges, a parking facility in Geneva and ski runs in Avène. Switzerland is ranked as the European champion in ecology (see article in La Croix – in French). And with solar lighting, the country is taking practical steps to reduce its CO2 emissions and save energy.

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