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Off-grid solar streetlighting

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Saint-Louis's town chose solar-powered streetlights 07/03/2019

Saint-Louis's town chose solar-powered streetlights

Off-grid solar streetlights for Saint-Louis, Reunion Island

Fonroche solar streetlights were recently installed in a residential district of Saint-Louis along a street without electricity. The new streetlights will serve as a test and showcase for other public solar-powered lighting projects in the region. Across the island, 13 towns are currently assessing their existing street lighting, with the aim of shifting to more sustainable solutions.

Thumbs-up from local residents

Initial feedback from the local population on this innovative, sustainable investment has been positive. They particularly welcomed the enhanced safety and security, 365 nights a year. Another big plus is the powerful illumination of the solar lights, which are as effective as grid-tied systems.

Other off-grid solar lighting projects on the island

The Totale fuel station in Pierrefonds in the south-west of Reunion Island chose Fonroche Lighting to help improve customer safety. Thanks to the new solar-powered system, the two separate lanes for passenger vehicles and trucks are more clearly lit. The lights are also designed to withstand high wind loads, which was essential given the fuel station's location near the ocean.

A similar project  was completed in summer 2018.

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