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Off-grid solar streetlighting

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Even at night, the sun shines on an oil depot in Niger 14/02/2019

Even at night, the sun shines on an oil depot in Niger

Fonroche Lighting increases safety on an oil site in Niger since 5 years

In Niger, an oil site has installed in 2014 Fonroche autonomous solar street lights. They produce a bright light every night on the parking areas, the vats and the offices. They also strengthen the security of the private site and allow employees to work safely 24/7.

No intervention by the assistance team was necessary in 5 years of operation. The customer is very pleased with Fonroche solar lighting solution, and plans to do the same on another oil depot.


A solar lighting in the nigerian desert

The Power365 battery was designed, by the R&D team, to resist at all temperatures from -40°C to +70°C, and therefore adapts to desert environments, as in Niger. The NiMH is the only technology in the world to guarantee lighting 365 nights a year.

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