Fonroche Lighting will participate to trade events

Trade events | Taking the solar lighting message to the world!

Fonroche Lighting has a busy few months ahead, with a host of opportunities to promote our solar public lighting solutions.
Colombia’s longest bridge lit by Fonroche

Colombia’s longest bridge lit by Fonroche

In July 2018, the Viaducto de la Paz, or ‘Viaduct of Peace’, was officially opened to motorists and other road users. This major
Discover the Fonroche Lighting Senegal subsidiary

Senegal: Fonroche team ready for action

At Fonroche, we’re keen to establish a local presence close to our lighting projects.
Colombian highway with French solar streetlights.

Colombia’s new Alto Magdalena highway lit by Fonroche

Building on its successful involvement in the 'Viaducto de la Paz' project, France-based company Fonroche is pursuing its expansion in Colombia wit

Mayotte’s streetlights powered by Indian Ocean sunshine

Join us today as we journey to Mayotte, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and the coast of Mozambique.

Solar lighting: the smart city solution

Is off-grid lighting the solution for tomorrow’s smart city? Fonroche is stepping up to the challenge with our unique solar technology.

Streetlight production at Fonroche: technology, know-how and an eco-conscious approach

Following the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications recently achieved by Fonroche Lighting, and to learn more about what the production department does

Interplume secures its industrial site with solar lighting signed Fonroche

The industrial site -100% French- of the

Fonroche wins contract for 15,000 solar streetlights in Benin

Benin - another global win for Fonroche Lighting

[Chile] Fonroche solar streetlights come to Santiago Metropolitan Park

Known as “the green lungs of the city”, Santiago Metropolitan Park, or ‘

Fonroche street lights capture the Caribbean sun

Marie-Galante is a tiny Caribbean island in the French West Indies, spanning just 158 km2 and with a population of 11,000.

More sport with off-grid lighting for city stadiums

Solar lighting for Roquefort’s multisports facility, SW France

A first in the Middle East: 20 km of highway with all-solar lighting

Kuwait’s main radio transmitter facility made safer with Fonroche solar lighting

United States: Indian reservation embraces solar lighting with Fonroche

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe benefits from Fonroche solar lighting

Colombia - World's first fully solar-lit viaduct

Colombia selects Fonroche Lighting for a solar world-first

Quebec chooses Fonroche solar LED lighting

Fonroche Lighting is gaining a foothold in Canada with three new solar projects

Niger: city of Tahoua transformed for national festival

Solar lighting in pride of place on major new road link

Reason 3: Installation

With their impressive performance and cost efficiency, off-grid solar streetlights are ideal for all kin