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Solar Street Lighting in Villanova del Valles, Spain: A Lighting Revolution by Fonroche Lighting

In the charming village of Villanova del Valles, located in the picturesque region of Barcelona, a solar street lighting project has marked a major turning point in the municipality's ecological and safety approach. In 2020, Fonroche Lighting, the undisputed leader in autonomous solar lighting, was selected to illuminate the parking lot of a cultural center, a site previously devoid of any lighting infrastructure.

The need to ensure optimum safety for vehicle traffic and parking, as well as for pedestrians during the various events organized by the cultural center, was a central concern. Faced with this challenge, Fonroche Lighting's solution stood out for its ease of installation, energy autonomy and environmentally-friendly approach.

An enlightened choice for the municipality
Fonroche Lighting was chosen for its advanced Smartlight solar streetlight technology. These self-contained luminaires require no connection to the traditional electricity grid, offering a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution for the municipality. The integrated photovoltaic storage system guarantees flawless reliability, even after nightfall, ensuring constant, powerful light.

The project began with the installation of six solar lighting units, marking the start of a major energy transition for Villanova del Valles. The success of this first initiative has not only significantly improved the safety and quality of life of residents, but has also encouraged the municipality to continue working with Fonroche Lighting on other applications and projects.

A sustainable commitment for the future
Villanova del Valles' adoption of solar street lighting reflects a deep commitment to sustainable development and energy transition. By opting for a renewable solution, the municipality is taking a responsible approach, reducing its ecological footprint while ensuring a quality service for its residents.

Fonroche Lighting's solar technology, characterized by its autonomy, reliability and efficiency, represents a significant advance in the public lighting sector. With rapid installation and no need for heavy infrastructure work, these solar streetlights offer a viable and sustainable alternative to traditional lighting systems, helping to build a greener future for communities around the world.


Fonroche Lighting's solar street lighting in Villanova del Valles is a shining example of how innovative and sustainable technologies can transform our cities and our lives. By highlighting the benefits of solar energy, this project perfectly illustrates the path towards a more sustainable and secure future, where every community can benefit from quality light without compromising the environment. Fonroche Lighting continues to be at the forefront of this lighting revolution, lighting the way towards a greener, brighter planet.

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  • Need to secure the area
  • No grid connection required
  • Economic and ecological solution for the community