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Solar street lighting in Lübeck, Germany: Fonroche Lighting breaks new ground

In the beautiful city of Lübeck, north of Hamburg, Fonroche Lighting has brought to life a technological and ecological feat. In 2020, 8 solar streetlights from the Smartlight range were installed to light the parking lot of a large grocery store. An ambitious project given the region's geographical and climatic challenges.

Project challenges:

Lübeck, close to Hamburg, is known for its lack of sunlight. What's more, the store's parking lot could not be immobilized for any length of time, adding a further constraint to the project. However, thanks to rigorous planning and a quality-focused approach, Fonroche rose to the challenge.

The benefits of the Fonroche solution:

Installing Smartlight solar streetlights requires no connection to the electricity grid. This eliminates the need for civil engineering work, enabling rapid installation. Each luminaire in the Smartlight range combines the power of a photovoltaic panel, an autonomous battery and high-quality LEDs, guaranteeing optimal lighting 365 nights a year.

Fonroche's solar-powered streetlights offer unrivalled autonomy, making each streetlight intelligent and self-sufficient. Thanks to tailor-made component sizing, solar energy captured during the day is efficiently stored to power the lamps at night.

Conclusion :

This solar street lighting project in Lübeck demonstrates that Fonroche Lighting's solar technology is not only suitable for urban and road areas, but also for regions with low levels of sunlight. It is an energy solution for the future, combining economy, intelligent design and respect for the environment.

Whether for a park, housing estate, street or outdoor parking lot, Fonroche's solar streetlights improve urban lighting while promoting a sustainable energy approach. By opting for solar technology, you're not only lighting up, you're also lighting up the future.

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  • Project located north of Hamburg (northern Germany), low sun exposure (close to Hamburg)
  • The parking lot cannot be immobilized for a long period of time
  • Installation of the streetlights requires no civil engineering work, and can be completed quickly.
  • Thanks to the tailor-made sizing of the solution's components, parking lot lighting is guaranteed 365 nights a year.