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Solar Street Lighting in Laval, Canada: A Lighting Solution by Fonroche Lighting

The energy transition is at the heart of urban concerns, and Laval is no exception. With this in mind, the 2018 installation of a double-strut solar streetlight by Fonroche Lighting marks a significant step towards more sustainable, environmentally-friendly street lighting.

A quality product for Canadian challenges

It's no secret that Canadian climatic conditions can be demanding. With considerable temperature variations, choosing equipment that can withstand sharp drops in temperature is crucial. This is where Fonroche's Smartlight range of solar-powered street lamps makes all the difference. Thanks to its NiMH Power365 technology, this stand-alone luminaire is able to withstand significant temperature variations while guaranteeing stable lighting power.

The advantages of this solar streetlight don't stop there. Powered by high-quality photovoltaic panels, the Smartlight is designed to operate 365 nights a year, even in areas prone to low sunlight levels. This intelligent LED lighting transforms captured solar energy into powerful light, helping to effectively illuminate local streets, parks and parking lots.

An eco-responsible installation

Fonroche Lighting, a leader in the field of solar street lighting, offers with the Smartlight a perfect solution for cities wishing to improve their energy balance. Independent of the traditional electricity grid, this solar streetlight can be installed quickly without the need for connections or civil engineering work, thus preserving the integrity of the soil.

The economic advantage is also undeniable. By opting for this technology, local authorities can make substantial savings in electricity consumption, while still benefiting from high-quality outdoor lighting.


The solar street lighting project in Laval is a perfect illustration of Fonroche Lighting's commitment to innovative, sustainable lighting solutions tailored to the specific needs of towns and cities. By combining design, cutting-edge technology and respect for the environment, the Smartlight solar streetlight is a relevant response to the urban energy challenges of today and tomorrow.

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  • To install a solution that makes it safer for residents to move around, without damaging the soil.
  • Offer equipment that can withstand sharp drops in temperature.