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Enjoy a secure, well-lit residential park thanks to the installation of 92 solar-powered street lamps in Belgium!

Previously, the residential park lacked lighting, limiting evening activities and creating a sense of insecurity for residents. Thanks to the installation of our stand-alone solar street lamps, the park has been transformed into a safe and welcoming space, even after dark.

Featuring photovoltaic technology, the solar streetlights capture solar energy during the day, converting it into electricity to power the high-quality LED lights.

In addition to guaranteeing the safety of residents, solar streetlights save energy and eliminate electricity bills.

Thanks to this solar street lighting installation, residents can now fully enjoy the residential park in the evening, taking part in leisure activities, strolling in peace and quiet, or relaxing with family and friends.

The addition of these solar-powered streetlights to the Belgian residential park demonstrates the company's commitment to intelligent, autonomous and environmentally-friendly lighting solutions. By using solar energy for street lighting, the residential park reduces its dependence on traditional electricity, delivering energy savings and long-term economic benefits.


Project challenges

  • An easy-to-install solution
  • An innovative solution
  • Reducing carbon footprint