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Solar Street Lighting Shines Bright in Versailles

In the heart of Versailles, where history and modernity blend seamlessly, a new chapter in sustainable development unfolds. Known for its palatial beauty and rich past, this city has always been a symbol of evolution, and in this spirit, the gendarmerie barracks made a decision of luminous impact: to transition to solar street lighting.

The barracks, which were once enveloped in the dim glow of aging lights, embarked on a mission to renovate their lighting infrastructure. The choice was clear: Solar LED Street Lights by Fonroche Lighting, which melds technology with environmental consciousness. More than fifty of these advanced lights have been installed, ensuring the security of the gendarmerie personnel during their daily comings and goings.

There are myriad reasons behind this shift:

Cost Efficiency: Solar-powered lights substantially reduce running costs. With no reliance on the electric grid, the barracks can channel these savings to other essential projects.

Sustainability: By adopting solar-powered street lights, the barracks reflect a commitment to green energy, underscoring the significance of ecological responsibility in today's age.

Low Maintenance: One of the primary advantages of these modern lights is their low maintenance requirement. They offer a long-lasting solution, ensuring that the barracks remain illuminated for years without frequent interventions.

Enhanced Security: Bright, clear illumination is pivotal for safety. With high-quality LED lights that are effective and efficient, the barracks are more secure than ever.

Flexibility: Solar lighting, with its remote control capabilities and smart dusk-to-dawn sensors, offers adaptability, ensuring optimal illumination under varying conditions.

The project, implemented by Fonroche Lighting, showcases a range of products that combine aesthetics with functionality. From the sleek design of the poles to the efficient solar panels and LED lamps, every component exemplifies quality.

As Versailles continues its journey of melding the past with the present, its adoption of solar street light solutions stands as a beacon for other cities. Demonstrating that even in the most historic of settings, innovation can, and should, light the way forward.

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  • Use a 100% autonomous solution
  • Save money from the moment of purchase compared to the renovation of the network
  • Use a sustainable and controlled lighting