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Replacing Street Lighting in Périgueux with a Solar Solution: Analysis of a Sustainable Project for the Greenway

Context and issues

Périgueux's Voie Verte, used by a large number of walkers, joggers and cyclists, was previously equipped with electric lighting bollards. However, these bollards were showing signs of malfunctioning, necessitating in-depth consideration of their replacement. The main challenge was to select an energy solution suited to a natural environment and requiring minimal impact during installation.

Fonroche Lighting's proposal

Following an in-depth study of the site's needs and constraints, Fonroche Lighting proposed the integration of 100 solar-powered streetlights along the greenway. These luminaires, powered by photovoltaic panels, offer considerable energy autonomy, while being equipped with "Smartlight" technology, combining technical performance with aesthetic appeal.

The advantages of solar lighting in this context

The solar lighting system offers a number of undeniable advantages:

Energy autonomy: By harnessing solar energy, streetlights operate autonomously, reducing their dependence on the traditional electricity grid.

Durability: The use of photovoltaic technology guarantees a longer service life than conventional lighting systems, while minimizing maintenance costs.

Environmental impact: The installation of solar street lamps was carried out with the preservation of the surrounding ecosystem in mind. What's more, the system's zero carbon emissions reinforce its ecological credentials.

Safety: Thanks to the appropriate lighting power, the greenway is now a safe space for its users, enabling prolonged use even after dark.


The project to replace traditional lighting with a solar solution on the greenway in Périgueux demonstrates the effectiveness and relevance of photovoltaic technologies in specific urban contexts. This initiative, orchestrated by Fonroche Lighting, underlines the importance of energy transition in the modernization of French public infrastructures.

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Project challenges

  • Bringing safety
  • An environmentally-friendly solution
  • A quick installation solution