Streetlights installed
Project date

Ankara University lights up its cafeteria with a solar-powered installation of 6 street lamps!

In just one day, the cafeteria at Ankara University was completely illuminated thanks to the rapid installation of solar street lamps. From their very first day of operation, these streetlights provided bright, efficient light, illuminating the campus.

The installation of high-quality solar street lighting has made it possible to meet the specific needs of access to the cafeteria at Ankara University. These self-contained solar streetlights offer a sustainable, energy-efficient solution for lighting key areas of the campus.

The solar streetlights harness the power of the sun through their integrated photovoltaic panels, converting solar energy into electricity to power the high-performance LED luminaires. This technology delivers reliable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly street lighting, reducing Ankara University's carbon footprint.

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Project challenges

  • University cafeteria access lighting
  • Safe travel for students and staff
  • A quick installation solution