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Off-grid solar streetlighting

for local authorities and businesses

Ecological commitments


Fonroche Lighting is wholly committed to protecting the environment and delivering sustainable solutions

Powered entirely by solar energy, our off-grid solar-powered streetlights work 365 nights a year. As a free source of 'positive' energy that will never run out, solar power helps cut down on fossil fuel consumption. Fonroche Lighting solar streetlamps don't emit any greenhouse gases, giving them a small carbon footprint.


Unlike grid-connected lights, the poles we use for our solar streetlamps are simply held in place by a small block of concrete. And with no trenching or wiring required, this adds up to minimum impact on the environment.


Extended service life and recyclability are key aspects of Fonroche Lighting's environmental commitments

recycling photovoltaic componentsUnlike lead batteries, NiMH batteries don’t contain any toxic metals. They’re 98% recyclable: the nickel is extracted and used to make various materials, mostly stainless steel.


The solar panels have an extremely long service life. Even after 25 years, they’ll still be producing at least 80% of their initial peak power. So they can continue to be used. Alternatively, about 96% of their component materials can be recycled to make new panels.


Fonroche is a fully signed-up member of Récylum in France, which recycles electronic components, LED light units and batteries. The PV modules are recovered by the PV Cycle scheme at the end of their lives, so they can also be recycled.


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