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Off-grid solar streetlighting

for local authorities and businesses

Why solar street lighting


Powerful, eco-friendly solar lighting for all your project requirements

Fonroche Lighting delivers street solar lighting solutions to meet today's sustainability challenges, making off-grid solar streetlights a viable, positive alternative to grid-tied lighting. From parking facilities, roads, bus shelters and retail & business parks to the most isolated areas, Fonroche solutions are the right choice for all your urban projects!

The advantages of photovoltaic solar lighting

Outdoor solar street lights in Senegal-Fonroche Lightingoff-grid solar lighting

100% solar, not connected to the utility grid. High availability, no outages.


powerful solar lighting

Powerful illumination on a par with grid-connected systems to meet all your requirements, even on the most demanding projects!


cost-effecient of solar lighting

No maintenance for the first 10 years. Quick and easy installation. No operating costs.


reliable solar lighting

Designed to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions and temperatures (incl. wind loads to EN40).


eco-friendly solar lighting

Meets the strongest commitments to environmental protection.



The added benefits of Fonroche solar street lighting: superior power and dependability

Solar-powered lights in Colombia-Fonroche Lighting
high performance solar lighting
Lighting performance and uniformity equal to grid-connected systems, meeting all project requirements, even the most demanding.
The first solar battery in the world to guarantee lighting 365 nights a year.
smart solar lighting

Smart solar management system. Adjusts illumination according to remaining battery power. Remote control and monitoring system.

maintenance of solar lighting

First service at 10 years. Five-year warranty.

safe and secure of solar lighting
Designed to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions (–40°C to +70°C) and high wind loads (EN40 compliant). Vandal-proof system.
solar lighting with distinctive design
Blends elegantly into the landscape. Ideal for all types of projects.
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