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Fonroche, the global leader in off-grid solar lighting Sud-Ouest - 2019-02-01 11:00:00

Fonroche, the global leader in off-grid solar lighting

The foremost lighting solutions provider in the business

In just 10 years, Fonroche Lighting has become the global leader in off-grid solar lighting. Advanced technologies developed by our in-house R&D department ensure that Fonroche solar solutions deliver guaranteed lighting 365 nights a year, with performance on a par with grid-tied systems. Our Power365 nickel-metal hydride battery system functions optimally at both ends of the temperature scale, enabling us to provide lighting solutions for ski runs in Switzerland and a road through the Kuwaiti desert. Always one step ahead of the competition, Fonroche Lighting has developed a world-class range of smart, powerful off-grid streetlights.


The race is on

In 2019, Fonroche is keen to expand in Europe, especially in Spain, Greece and Germany. And with new recruits joining our international team, we’ll also be focusing on the South American and East African markets. “The competition is gearing up, so the race is on,” says Yann Maus, founding Chairman and CEO of Fonroche.


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