Canelones and Paysandú, Uruguay
Streetlights installed
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Solar Street Lighting in Uruguay: A Revolution by Fonroche Lighting

In 2023, Fonroche Lighting marked a major turning point in Uruguay's lighting sector with the installation of 188 solar-powered streetlights, evenly distributed between the departments of Canelones and Paysandú. This ambitious project, supported by the FASEP (Fonds d'Études et d'Aide au Secteur privé), the French Embassy in Uruguay and local governments, represents the largest solar street lighting demonstrator in the country.

The autonomous streetlights installed, featuring LED and photovoltaic technology, illustrate Fonroche's innovative range and intelligent design. The project, which perfectly integrates the principles of sustainable development, meets Uruguay's ambitions to reduce its energy costs and promote cleaner, more economical energy solutions.

These lighting installations, mainly located on rural roads, have transformed road safety and the quality of life for users. Previously deprived of light, these roads were considered dangerous. Thanks to solar lighting, these areas are now safer, considerably improving residents' sense of security and encouraging the expansion of economic and social activities after sunset.

The use of photovoltaic panels in these solar street lamps demonstrates Fonroche's ability to offer innovative, environmentally-friendly street lighting solutions. Each Street Light, is an example of Fonroche's commitment to intelligent, sustainable energy solutions.

In short, this project illustrates how Fonroche Lighting, through its high-quality products, is actively contributing to solar street lighting, bringing new and sustainable light to the departments of Canelones and Paysandú in Uruguay. It's a giant step towards a greener, brighter future.

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  • Reduce accidents on rural roads
  • Improve users' sense of safety
  • Extend economic and social activity after dark