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Solar Public Lighting at Codelco in Chile: A Bright Project by Fonroche Lighting

At the core of Codelco's sustainable development initiatives, the Salvador division shines under a new light thanks to Fonroche Lighting. Indeed, 93 solar street lamps have been installed on the road of the mining complex, taking a giant leap towards energy autonomy and safety. This ambitious project demonstrates Codelco's commitment to smart and sustainable public lighting, emphasizing the importance of an autonomous lighting system.

By choosing Fonroche Lighting's photovoltaic solutions, Codelco has shown enlightened foresight. The autonomous street lamps from the Fonroche range, equipped with high-power LEDs and robust batteries, ensure quality lighting throughout the year. The choice of this advanced technology is part of a strategy for energy saving and continuous improvement of public infrastructure.

Road safety being a priority, Fonroche's Smartlight system provides optimal road lighting, significantly reducing accident risks. Comfort is also enhanced, with users benefiting from constant and reliable lighting, thus improving the experience of each journey.

Fonroche Lighting, with its high-end product design and expertise, establishes a new standard in solar public lighting. Each lamp post, designed in France, integrates a high-performance photovoltaic panel, a long-lasting battery, and an intelligent design that harmoniously blends into the urban or road environment.

The partnership between Fonroche Lighting and Codelco perfectly illustrates how solar lighting solutions can be both efficient and aesthetic, while supporting a company's energy and ecological goals. It is an inspiring model for the industry and a benchmark for future urban lighting and outdoor development projects.

With this achievement, Fonroche Lighting continues to shine on the international solar lighting stage, proving that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand to light up our future.


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PROJECT challenges

  • Reduced risk of accidents, added comfort
  • The company opts for a high-performance solution that meets its commitment to sustainable development