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Lighting the Future: Pioneering Solar Public Lighting Project in Nuevo Baztán, Madrid

In the heart of the Madrid region, the municipality of Nuevo Baztán stands out as a shining example of sustainability and modernization thanks to the recent installation of solar public lighting by Fonroche Lighting. This project, carried out in 2021, has set a milestone in the lighting of industrial areas, proving that it is possible to combine efficiency, energy autonomy, and environmental respect.

The industrial area of Nuevo Baztán, now illuminated by 8 advanced solar luminaires, is characterized by its independence from the traditional power supply. This feature is particularly relevant in new urbanization areas where access to the electrical grid may be limited or nonexistent. The adopted solution not only eliminates the need for costly wiring and grid connection work but also completely removes any electricity billing resulting from public lighting.

The installed solar light poles use integrated LED technology and photovoltaic systems to capture solar energy during the day, storing it in high-capacity batteries for nighttime use. This system ensures uniform and continuous lighting, crucial for the safety and proper functioning of industrial areas after sunset.

Fonroche Lighting, a leader in the solar lighting sector, has implemented a public lighting system in Nuevo Baztán that is not only autonomous and emission-free but also designed to withstand the region's climatic variations. Adopting solar technology in public lighting represents significant energy savings and a step forward in the municipality's commitment to sustainability and ecological transition.

The Nuevo Baztán project does not just illuminate; it also paves the way to a greener future. The implementation of this type of solar public lighting reinforces the city council's commitment to sustainable development and innovation, setting a precedent for other municipalities interested in adopting renewable and efficient energy solutions.

In conclusion, the installation of solar public lighting in Nuevo Baztán is not just a technical and environmental achievement but also a testament to the locality's commitment to sustainable progress. Fonroche Lighting is proud to contribute to this visionary project, demonstrating that solar technology is a viable and effective solution for public lighting needs, thus setting a new standard in urban infrastructure in Madrid and beyond.

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  • No grid connection available in a new zone
  • No power consumption or bills generated by the installation