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Solar Public Lighting in Florida: Enlightening Residential Development

A significant residential development project is currently underway in Pasco County, Florida, led by Taylor Morrison, one of the largest real estate developers and home construction companies in the United States.

In this context, Taylor Morrison recognized that the solar lighting solution proposed by Fonroche Lighting was economically more advantageous right from the installation phase. This led Fonroche Lighting to provide solar street lamps for several ongoing residential projects.

This innovative approach demonstrates the effectiveness of solar public lighting in large-scale projects. Beyond its economic benefits, this solution contributes to safety by providing autonomous and reliable illumination. In a region with abundant sunshine, utilizing solar energy for public lighting proves to be an intelligent and sustainable choice.

Solar public lighting does not only illuminate the environment but also creates a conducive atmosphere for communal living. It offers a bright and energy-efficient solution for new residential neighborhoods. Moreover, this initiative aligns perfectly with current environmental concerns, reducing carbon footprint.

This residential development project in Florida highlights the significant role that solar public lighting can play in creating modern and sustainable living spaces. Fonroche Lighting, as a manufacturer of intelligent solar lighting solutions, is well-aligned with this approach, thus contributing to illuminating the future economically, ecologically, and innovatively.

Project challenges

  • Lighting new residential areas with an economical, sustainable solution
  • No trenching or civil engineering work required on new ground; a more economical solution than traditional lighting right from the outset.