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Solar Street Lighting in Erie Street, New York State: Lighting Up the Future with Fonroche Lighting

Erie Street, located in New York State, USA, stands out today as a shining example of solar street lighting initiative, thanks to Fonroche Lighting. In this vibrant residential area, six autonomous solar street lamps have been installed to illuminate the street, bringing soft and efficient light while reducing energy costs.

This pioneering installation on Erie Street has left a convincing impression, prompting the realization of an ambitious second project. The city's fire department park (29 CSA) is the next destination for this enlightening solar light. This expansion demonstrates the flexibility and effectiveness of Fonroche Lighting's solar street lighting solutions.

The challenges were clear: modernize the city's lighting infrastructure while lightening the financial burdens of the community. Through this transition to solar lighting, the benefits multiply. It is not only an economical solution that contributes to a significant reduction in the municipality's electricity bills, but it is also an eco-friendly approach, with a reduced carbon footprint, in line with the sustainable trends of the 21st century.

Solar street lighting is also essential for enhancing residents' safety, creating a safe and comfortable nighttime environment. Even after sunset, residents feel at ease and confident, thanks to this intelligent and autonomous light.

Fonroche Lighting proudly positions itself as a pioneer in the field of solar street lighting. The company is recognized for its advanced technology and intelligent lighting solutions. The initiative on Erie Street illustrates how this approach can transform a neighborhood, bringing new light to the community while setting a precedent for future lighting projects.

Fonroche Lighting's solar street lamps do not just illuminate space. They light the way to a cleaner, more economical, and safer energy future. Through projects like Erie Street's, the company contributes to the creation of sustainable urban environments where light is synonymous with progress.

Testimonial from Mayor Kévin Peterson: "Everything I've been doing since 2019 has been to try and reduce the burden on the taxpayer. Replacing our regular streetlights with LEDs has been an important part of that. We continue to bear this in mind when we look at the modernization of the fire park with solar lighting, which is economically beneficial for us and ecologically beneficial for our region. We installed these six street lights on Erie Street. Residents noticed that it was the first time there had been streetlights there. We're trying to ensure safety and aesthetics, people recognize them, they see how bright they are and I know we're moving in the right direction to light the whole park with solar streetlights."


  • Modernize the city's lighting system to reduce costs to the community
  • A cost-effective solution (lower electricity bills for the municipality)
  • ecological (reduced carbon footprint)
  • Les habitants se sentent en sécurité à la tombée de la nuit.