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Solar street lighting at Olton City Park, Texas: a sustainable and innovative choice

In 2022, Olton City Park in Texas saw the installation of 12 solar-powered street lamps to light its walkways and children's playground. An ambitious project carried out by Fonroche Lighting, a leader in solar street lighting.

Background and challenges :
Olton City Park, like many other urban parks, was looking for a solution to enable its residents to enjoy its spaces for longer, while guaranteeing their safety. Street lighting plays a crucial role in this respect. However, the city also wanted to reduce its operating costs and the electricity bill associated with lighting the park.

The Fonroche Lighting solution:
Fonroche Lighting, with its range of high-end products, came up with the solar street lighting solution. These stand-alone streetlights, based on photovoltaic technology, are powered by solar panels and store energy in batteries for optimum lighting power, even on the darkest nights. Thanks to their intelligent design and the LED technology used, these luminaires offer quality light for outdoor spaces.

The benefits of solar power:
One of the main features of solar street lights is that they require no civil engineering work. No trenches, no connection to the electricity grid. This means significant savings for the city, while preserving the park's natural environment. What's more, they're quick to install, so they're up and running from the very first night.

The reduced carbon footprint of these streetlights is another major advantage. By using solar power, a renewable energy source, they help improve air quality and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

In conclusion :
Olton City Park's initiative to partner with Fonroche Lighting for the solar street lighting project is a visionary move. These streetlights, combining technology and design, are part of a sustainable development approach, while providing quality lighting for residents. Whether for a street, a parking lot or a large urban park, solar-powered lighting is increasingly becoming the energy solution of the future.


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  • Enable residents to enjoy the park for longer and feel safe in it.
  • Reduce operating costs and the city's electricity bill
  • No trenching or civil engineering work in natural areas
  • Operation from night 1 and a reduced carbon footprint