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Solar Street Lighting at ParqueMet in Chile: An Ecological Revolution by Fonroche Lighting

Fonroche Lighting's Ecological Innovation at the Heart of Parquemet

Santiago's Metropolitan Park, more commonly known as Parquemet, is recognized as Chile's «green lung». Covering more than 700 hectares, this green heaven offers a multitude of sporting and cultural activities. Aware of the need to preserve this unique environment, the park's management has taken significant ecological measures, notably by choosing sustainable equipment. It was against this backdrop that Fonroche Lighting was selected to deploy 500 autonomous solar-powered lights on San Cristobal Hill.

Advantages of Fonroche Lighting Solutions

Energy Autonomy : Fonroche's solar streetlights are fully autonomous, powered by photovoltaic panels and equipped with high-capacity batteries.
Cutting-edge technology: Featuring Smartlight LED technology, these streetlights offer high-quality lighting, combining power and energy efficiency.
Durable Design : The intelligent design and robust quality of Fonroche products guarantee exceptional longevity, even in the park's demanding climatic conditions.
Reduced Ecological Impact : Fonroche's solar solution significantly reduces the park's ecological footprint, aligning with sustainable development goals.

The solar street lighting project at Parque Met in Chile is an exemplary model for integrating solar technology into urban and natural spaces. Fonroche Lighting, with its expertise and commitment to clean, sustainable energy solutions, plays an essential role in the ecological transformation of public spaces, contributing to a greener, safer future for generations to come.


Project Challenges

  • Meeting Ecological Demand : The choice of Fonroche Lighting reflects the park's commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.
  • Guaranteed lighting all year round : solar-powered lights provide reliable illumination 365 nights a year, guaranteeing safety and accessibility in the park.
  • Investment savings : Installing solar lighting solutions enables parks to make significant savings, both in terms of initial investment and maintenance costs.