Séné in bretagne (56)
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Solar parking lot lighting for Netto supermarket in Séné (56)

The Netto supermarket in Séné (56) had a crucial need to replace its inefficient, energy-hungry lighting. To meet this challenge, the shop opted for an innovative solution by equipping its car park with 3 autonomous solar street lamps from Fonroche Lighting. This decision not only improved the comfort of customers, but also enhanced the safety of the car park. What's more, the solution was installed without the need for any major works, considerably reducing installation costs.

Benefits of the project :

  • 100% autonomous lighting : Solar street lamps provide continuous lighting without relying on the external electricity grid.
  • Zero running costs and electricity bills: The Netto supermarket benefits from a significant reduction in its energy costs, which translates into substantial financial savings.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint : By opting for a solar lighting solution, the shop is actively helping to protect the environment by reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Quick installation, no work required: The solar streetlights were installed quickly and efficiently, without disrupting the supermarket's day-to-day operations.
  • No maintenance for 10 years: Thanks to their robust design and reliability, Fonroche Lighting's solar streetlights require little or no maintenance for an extended period of 10 years.

Enhancing the shop's image :

Fonroche Lighting's solar-powered streetlights not only provide a high-performance lighting solution, but also help to enhance the shop's image. Their quality and lighting power enable the Netto supermarket in Séné to highlight its commitment to sustainability and innovation.

In conclusion, the solar lighting installed by Fonroche Lighting at the Netto supermarket in Séné represents a cost-effective, ecological and efficient solution, offering both economic and environmental benefits.

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  • 100% autonomous lighting
  • No running costs and 0 electricity bills
  • Reducing the carbon footprint
  • Quick installation, no work required
  • No maintenance for 10 years