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Solar street lighting at Centre Hospitalier Guillaume Regnier  

As part of its eco-responsible approach to modernizing its infrastructure, the Centre Hospitalier Guillaume Regnier in Rennes is undertaking a major renovation of its public lighting system in 2022. Aware of today's environmental and economic challenges, the hospital opted for a solar street lighting solution, entrusting this large-scale project to Fonroche Lighting, a leader in the field.

The installation of 80 Fonroche solar streetlights has transformed the accessibility and safety of the hospital's parking lots, roadways and pedestrian walkways, guaranteeing a better experience for patients and visitors, day and night. This initiative is perfectly in line with the center's commitment to reducing its ecological footprint while providing a high-quality public service.


Economic and ecological benefits

The adoption of solar lighting by the Centre Hospitalier Guillaume Regnier offers multiple advantages, both economically and ecologically. Fonroche solar streetlights, equipped with LED technology and an autonomous photovoltaic storage system, offer a significant reduction in energy consumption. What's more, this solution makes the facility maintenance-free for a decade, reducing operating costs.

Another significant benefit is the enhancement of the hospital's green image. By opting for clean, renewable energy, the center underlines its commitment to ecological transition and the fight against light pollution, reinforcing its role as a forerunner in the healthcare sector.


A complete, sustainable solution

Fonroche Lighting offers a complete package including design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, ensuring a smooth transition to solar street lighting. The streetlights installed are designed to withstand a wide range of climatic conditions and guarantee optimum lighting performance, without connection to the power grid. This energy autonomy illustrates the efficiency and reliability of Fonroche solutions, making the company a partner of choice for local authorities and institutions wishing to improve their energy footprint.



The solar street lighting project carried out by the Centre Hospitalier Guillaume Regnier in collaboration with Fonroche Lighting is an outstanding example of how modern technologies can be put to work for the environment and society. By opting for clean, sustainable and economical energy, the Rennes hospital has established itself as a model of innovation and ecological responsibility in the healthcare sector. Solar street lighting represents a way forward for public and private infrastructures, helping to build a greener, more sustainable future.

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  • Energy savings
  • No maintenance for 10 years
  • Enhancing the green image of the facility