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Solar street lighting in Dakar: Fonroche Lighting's success story at the shopping mall

Dakar, the vibrant capital of Senegal, is always on the lookout for innovative energy solutions to meet its growing urban lighting needs. One of the most promising solutions is solar street lighting, a technology that is rapidly gaining ground on the African continent. Fonroche Lighting, a leader in this field, demonstrated its expertise by installing 25 Smartlights in the parking lot of a major shopping center in 2020.

A solution for safer travel

The challenge was to provide high-quality lighting to ensure safe movement for staff and customers, while guaranteeing rapid installation so as not to disrupt commercial activity. Thanks to Fonroche's Smartlight range, the project was a resounding success. Equipped with photovoltaic panels and an intelligent energy management system, these solar-powered streetlights provide powerful, reliable light, perfectly suited to the specific needs of the parking lot.

Undeniable benefits

Fonroche's Smartlight offers many advantages beyond the simple function of lighting. Its elegant design blends harmoniously into the urban landscape. But what really sets it apart is its intelligent programming: light intensity and operating times can be adjusted according to the hours of use, optimizing energy savings. Not to mention its autonomous battery, which ensures constant illumination even in the absence of sunlight for several days.

A step towards a greener future

The adoption of solar street lighting in Dakar demonstrates the city's willingness to embrace green technologies to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. With products like those offered by Fonroche Lighting, it's possible to combine aesthetics, energy efficiency and respect for the environment. No longer dependent on traditional electricity grids, the future of urban lighting is solar-powered!

By opting for Fonroche's solar lighting solutions, Dakar is once again demonstrating its commitment to sustainable urban development. An initiative that will hopefully inspire other cities around the world.


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  • Safe travel for staff and customers
  • Intelligent programming of intensity and operating times according to parking lot use; rapid installation of the solution