Loudéac (22) - France
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Since 2014, the municipality of Loudéac in Brittany's Côtes-d'Armor region has made the ambitious and visionary decision to invest in autonomous solar street lighting. In partnership with Fonroche Lighting, the local authority has already installed almost 500 solar-powered street lamps, representing a third of its street lighting stock.

An ecological and economic choice

By opting for solar energy rather than the traditional electricity grid, Loudéac is making substantial savings on its electricity bill, while reducing its carbon footprint. Fonroche Lighting's solar-powered streetlights provide high-performance, reliable lighting, without the need for civil engineering work or connection to the grid. Franck Le Provost, Director General of Services at Loudéac Communauté, explains the choice: "Our communauté de communes is very committed to solar energy and the concept of renewable energy. It's part of our sustainable development policy. We chose Fonroche's solar streetlights because they are easy to install, the equipment is reliable and efficient, there are no breakdowns and costs are optimised compared with wired lighting.

Gradual deployment throughout France

After a successful initial experiment in 2014 with the installation of 6 solar streetlights, Loudéac has gradually extended this method of lighting to its business parks, housing estates and town centre. The aim is to eventually have 100% solar street lighting throughout the town. Thanks to products such as Fonroche's Smartlight intelligent solar streetlight, the local authority can remotely manage the lighting and adapt the intensity of light according to need, resulting in even greater energy savings.

A win-win partnership

By placing its trust in Fonroche Lighting, Loudéac benefits not only from high-quality equipment but also from tailor-made support. In particular, Fonroche offers local authorities a Solar Renovation and Transformation Plan, enabling them to make savings of up to 70% on their public lighting bills in the first year. Fonroche also has its own battery recycling subsidiary, guaranteeing responsible management of the equipment throughout its life cycle. Thanks to this virtuous partnership, Loudéac is leading the way in Brittany and beyond in terms of energy transition and sustainable public lighting. It's a benchmark that the town can be proud of. 

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  • Ensuring eco-responsible lighting
  • Bringing safety to motorists
  • Effective lighting every day, without exception