Marche-en-Famenne, Luxembourg
Streetlights installed
Project date
Cycle path

Solar street lighting for a cycle path in Marloie


In 2023, the town of Marloie, in the municipality of Marche-en-Famenne, launched a pioneering initiative to improve the lighting of its infrastructure while respecting the environment. This ambitious project, carried out by Fonroche Lighting, saw the installation of 40 autonomous solar-powered lighting columns (CSA) along a cycle path (Ravel).

Project details

User safety: ensure adequate lighting for cyclists and pedestrians, thereby increasing safety and comfort on the soft path.

Respect for flora and fauna: minimising environmental impact by using clean, renewable energy.

Energy independence: reducing dependence on the traditional electricity grid through the use of solar energy.


Project features

Installation of 40 CSAs: autonomous solar-powered lampposts provide efficient, constant lighting for the cycle path.

Fonroche Connect: this innovative system enables the town to check that its lampposts are working properly in real time, ensuring proactive and efficient maintenance.

Lighting for the Ravel: the project focuses on lighting for the Ravel, a cycle path used extensively by cyclists and pedestrians, thereby contributing to a safer and more pleasant network of cycle paths.


This solar street lighting project in Marloie is an inspiring example of how modern technologies can be used to create sustainable solutions that benefit local communities. Fonroche Lighting is proud to contribute to this initiative by offering an innovative and environmentally friendly solar lighting solution.

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  • Sustainable development
  • Increased security
  • Increased security