Corporate Social Responsibility is a commitment by companies to integrate societal, environmental and economic concerns into their activities and interactions with stakeholders in a transparent and voluntary manner.

At Fonroche Lighting, the CSR approach is an integral part of our DNA. Our first commitment was to develop a sustainable and environmentally friendly product, the solar streetlight, which is completely operated by renewable energy: a real environmental alternative!

In June 2018, Fonroche Lighting affirmed its will to develop a quality and environmental policy.

In October 2020, Fonroche obtained ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certification.

Equal opportunities 

  • Gender equality 
  • Diversity and mix of teams 

Occupational health and safety

  • Bright premises with good air quality, good insulation
  • Optimised and hybrid workspaces with open spaces and private offices 

The practice of sport 

  • Dedicated equipment 

A good atmosphere at work 

  • Breakfasts, team meals, evening events and sports or leisure activities, setting up a company crèche 

The fight against corruption 

  • Systematic training of our employees 
  • Internal and external ethics charter 

Development of youth employment 

  • Hosting work experience students and trainees

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions 

  • Buildings that comply with the latest thermal regulations 
  • Installing photovoltaic panels 

Using renewable energy 

  • Marketing a product that runs 100% on solar energy 

Recycling policy for components 

  • Recycling lantern components (LED): ECOSYSTEM 
  • Disposing of photovoltaic modules at the end of their life: PV CYCLE 
  • Research into WEEE recycling 

Recycling policy for waste 

  • Sorting bins 
  • Paper and cardboard recycling 
  • Policy to reduce paper consumption 

Implementing a company travel plan 

  • Annual carpooling awareness campaign 
  • Encouraging the use of bicycles with the installation of a dedicated shelter 
  • Implementing remote working for remote employees and video conferencing tools 

Introducing environmentally friendly vehicles to the fleet. 

  • Hybrid vehicles 
  • Electric recharging stations 

Implementing a sustainable procurement strategy 

  • PEFC certified paper 
  • 56% of Fonroche Lighting suppliers are ISO 14001 certified

A real player in the labour market 

  • Creating qualified posts 
  • Skills development 

Short circuits 

  • Catering around prepared dishes from local and balanced caterers 
  • Working with other local suppliers

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