Streetlights installed
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Fonroche Lighting's solar streetlights illuminate a road in Colombia for the safety of motorists!

The installation of over 100 solar streetlights on the footbridges of the Accenorte Road in Colombia in 2020 has significantly improved the safety of drivers and pedestrians. This innovative solution was chosen for its cost-effectiveness and quick installation.

The autonomous solar streetlights installed on the footbridges of the roads in Colombia are equipped with high-power photovoltaic panels and high-quality LED luminaires. Thanks to the solar energy captured by the photovoltaic panels, these streetlights provide reliable and durable road lighting, helping to reduce accidents and ensure the safety of road users, even at night.

The use of our solar public lighting solution offers numerous economic advantages. By opting for solar energy instead of traditional electricity, the operating costs of the solar streetlights are reduced, enabling long-term savings.

Furthermore, the rapid installation of these solar streetlights has minimized disruptions on the roads and ensured an efficient implementation of the solution.

This solar public lighting initiative demonstrates Colombia's commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. By using solar streetlights on the footbridges of the roads, the country showcases its adoption of innovative energy technologies, contributing to carbon footprint reduction and environmental protection.


  • Providing comfort and safety for motorists

  • Implementing an eco-friendly solution

    Ensuring a quick installation solution

  • Ensuring a quick installation solution