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Solar lighting illuminates Mombasa, Kenya's second largest city

Mombasa, located on Kenya's south-eastern coast on the Indian Ocean, is the country's second-largest city after the capital Nairobi. A major port city and popular tourist destination, Mombasa is part of Mombasa County, which has a population of around 1.2 million. No fewer than 1,270 Fonroche Lighting autonomous solar street lamps were recently installed in Mombasa. This new 100% solar-powered public lighting installation links the island of Mombasa to the mainland, replacing the old, faulty electric lights that were often vandalised.

A reliable, eco-responsible lighting solution

Fonroche solar street lamps are completely self-sufficient in energy thanks to their photovoltaic panels, which capture sunlight during the day. This energy is stored in batteries to provide powerful, reliable lighting throughout the night. Compared with conventional mains lighting, solar lighting offers many advantages for a city like Mombasa:

  • No grid connection costs or electricity bills
  • Zero CO2 emissions for a reduced environmental footprint
  • Quick and easy installation without civil engineering or trenches
  • Resistant to vandalism as it is independent of the electricity network
  • Programmable on/off and dimming

What's more, Fonroche streetlights are remotely controlled and monitored 24 hours a day via the Fonroche Connect application.

Making roads safer and avoiding accidents

This motorway, illuminated by solar streetlights, is a strategic link between the island of Mombasa, where port and tourist activities are concentrated, and the rest of Kenya. Every day, it is used by thousands of vehicles, lorries and pedestrians. High-quality street lighting was therefore essential to ensure the safety of this busy road, particularly at night. Fonroche's new solar-powered streetlights replace the old lighting systems, which are failing:

  • Improve visibility and driving comfort at night
  • Reduce the risk of accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians
  • Facilitate rescue and maintenance operations

All in all, this solar lighting project in Mombasa demonstrates that it is possible to combine road safety, energy savings and environmental protection. Fonroche Lighting, the world leader in autonomous solar lighting solutions, is behind this success story.

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